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is a business catalogue or catalog, a telephone and address directory, a telephone book, and informational resource dedicated to commercial, governmental, municipal and non-profit entities, organizations, companies, corporations, agencies, enterprises as well as to business and commercial activity in any shape it may take within . You can use the current business directory or the Regional Yellow Pages absolutely free of charge. Moreover, at no charge at all you can add your own company's information, data about your business or about your organization to the general business catalogue (catalog).

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If you want potential clients, customers and buyers to find you sooner or if you want your company to stand out among competition at the pages of Regional Yellow Pages, you may consider advertising with us - at a separate charge, on a commercial basis, we will publish any acceptable, reasonable kind of advertising in Yellow Pages, be it in text or graphic format, in a single or multiple listing categories.


These Yellow Pages (Businesskniga, bizneskniga) is a free informational business telephone and address directory, a virtual commercial information source and a catalogue (catalog) of companies, corporations, firms, organizations, enterprises, institutions, and suppliers of goods and services, and as well as it is an advertising platform that is open to any user and any advertiser, and which is independent and unaffiliated with any informational sources or services either off or online.

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